PAN City Projects

Total Cost of PAN city projects- 138.98 Cr (SCP Cost).Pan-city project envisages applying Smart Solutions to the existing city-wide infrastructure. Application of Smart Solutions will involve the use of technology, information and data to make infrastructure and services better. In Agartala, the PAN city projects majorly focusses on Integrated Intelligent Transport Management System, Smart Network, and Rapid Transit System (RTS). All these Pan-City smart solutions are aimed to benefit and improve the quality of life of the citizens.

Below are the Pan City Projects for Agartala Smart City.
Integrated Intelligent Traffic Management System:This project details about smart mobility in the city of Agartala realized through the means of integrated traffic and public transport management system.

•    Smart Traffic signals (40 Nos, SCP Cost - 10 Cr)
•    CCTV (75 Nos, SCP Cost - 42 Cr)
•    ANPR (40 Nos, SCP Cost - 18 Cr)
•    Signage (Gantry Type - 20 and Normal - 192 SCP Cost 86 Cr)

Rapid Transit System
•    PIS @different locations (150 Nos, SCP Cost - 8.17 Cr)
•    Smart Bus shelter (75 Nos, SCP Cost - 2.63 Cr)
•    PIS @ Bus shelters (75 Nos, SCP Cost - 4.09 Cr)
•    GPRS (5000 Nos, SCP Cost - 6.50 Cr) 

Smart Network

•    City wide WiFi (83 Nos, SCP Cost - 14.82 Cr)
•    Optical fiber cables (SCP Cost - 30 Cr)
•    Integrated Control and Command Centre (2 Nos, SCP Cost - 12.42 Cr)
•    Digital Information Kiosk
•    Smart Poles