Area Based Development

Total Cost of ABD Projects - 2058.34 Cr (SCP Cost)

Redevelopment of Akhura Gol Chakkar Area (SCP Cost - 591.8 Cr)
•    Commercial, Trade and Recreational Hub 
•    Mixed Housing Development 
•    Logistic Hub (2.5 Acres) including Provision for parking of 200 No. cars. 
•    Skill Development Center including center of excellence/finishing schools 
•    Community Center 

Katakhal Channel (2.5 kms) and MBB college area (23.89 acre) rejuvenation of natural water bodies. (SCP Cost - 70.00 Cr)

Utility trenches corridor- Laying of 54.03 kms of utility trenches on all major roads in CBD which will carry an important utilities as below: (SCP Cost - 333.95 Cr - only for Utility Trench)

•    Recycled water line 
•    Drinking water line 
•    Gas line 
•    HT/LT lines – removal ofplacing of overhead electric lines, and OFC cables in the utility ductsetc. 

Smart Multi-Level Car Parking: (SCP Cost - 91.44 Cr)

Smart multi-level parking at 2 Locations; Battala and Old Motor Stand having parking facility for vehicles 770 cars and commercial space for retail and commerce. 

Resurfacing and up-gradation of roads and visible improvement in the area 

Environmental Conservation measures: 

The green corridors and landscaping along Katakhal channels and MBB college area will address important environmental issues, offer new recreational spaces for people of all ages, locals and tourists. Key components are: 

•    e-Toilets, drinking water facility; first aid, Information, Food & life guard kiosk, bins with wi-fi hotspots & sensor 
•    Bamboo-Haat Trading & training center 
•    Organized Vending Zones 
•    Organic farming offers a new model for local and sustainable urban food production

Creating walkable facilities: 

Eco-mobility corridor & the riverfront will be developed with walking and cycling trails and bridges across the channels, which will provide a safe, contiguous option to commute through the city. 

Giving an identity to the city: 

Harnessing eco-tourism and restoration of natural Heritage sites in order to attract local, national as well as foreign tourists 

Mixed Housing Development: 

Mixed high rise compact development having universal accessible features for differently abled people at AkhauraGolChhakkar area will rehabilitate existing slums and improve the visual impact of the area 

Development of Parks, Playgrounds and public gatherings 

Underutilized and unplanned parks and playgrounds will be developed in a innovative manner with moderns facilities which can be utilized in multiple activities.